Bethesda Girls, Grace Girls, and Grace Boys

Bethesda Girls Home

The Bethesda Girls Home was the first home opened by Freedom Global Outreach in November 2004. Haitian Pastor Martinez Jovin had a vision to open a home on a piece of property beside his church in Port-au-Prince Haiti. In 2002 Pastor Jovin met with the founders Dave and Sonya Lock, from Canada, and they soon worked together to purchase the land and the dilapidated home that sat on the property.

Following the purchase, a team of workers was in Haiti with Matt and Julie Reichard, from the United States, and helped Pastor Martinez clean up around the property. In the months that followed, the Lock’s, the Reichard’s, Martinez’ and dozens of volunteers from both the United States and Canada worked to raise funds to build the home, obtain donated furniture and ship a container of supplies to Haiti.

In 2004 the first group of girls came to the new home and began their lives together. In the years since the home has continued to care for orphaned and abandoned girls in need. A second floor was added in 2011 and the number of girls in the home has grown to 27. The girls range from age 4 to age 17 and they attend school, attend church, help around the house and work with missionaries to reach out to other kids in their community.

Grace Girls Home

In 2008 the ministry leaders traveled to Jacmel to meet with Pastor Abraham Comper. Pastor Abraham and his congregation had felt led to do orphan care ministry and needed a partner to help them. After a great meeting the representatives from Freedom Global Outreach decided to help Pastor Abraham and his congregation with this ministry to their community.

In early 2009 a 2nd floor apartment was rented in downtown Jacmel and the home was officially opened!  Within a few weeks there were 19 girls living in the orphanage and the small apartment was quickly outgrown. A piece of land next door to Pastor Abraham’s church was purchased construction began on a permanent home for the girls.  By early 2011, the girls moved into the home it was ready for move in and has quickly grown to house over 30 young girls. They range from age 4 to age 14 and live together in a loving, caring, faith-centered family.


Jacmel Boys Home

In 2011 the ministry moved the Jacmel girls home from a rented second floor apartment in Jacmel to their new, permanent home. Though the girls had vacated the home, there were still several pre-paid months of rent on the apartment. A close friend of the ministry and long-time donor committed to continue to pay the rent for a couple of more years provided that Freedom Global Outreach could open another home. The leadership decided that with this generous gift it was time to open the first boys home!
The boys lived there for a short time and then we moved them to a bigger rented house close to the girl’s home.  This house was also temporary, but the ministry purchased a nearby piece of land to construct a permanent home and the moved into it in 2012. As of now there are nearly 20 boys in the home, from toddlers to teens, in the care Freedom Global Outreach.

Rescue for the oppressed

Fabiola was born in the slum of Cite Soliel in Port-au-Prince Haiti and tragically lost her mother when she was 3 years old. This little girl saw and experienced things that a child should never have to see. 

Fabiola came to the Bethesda home when she was 4 years old, at that time she was very angry. Madam Emma, the staff and the other children told Fabiola that they loved her and showed her the love and compassion of Jesus. Within 1 month Fabiola was a changed person and has had joy in her life.  Fabiola is now 16 years old and in grade 11.  Fabiola loves living in the FGO home and enjoys school and church.