14677867_10210950717269120_1505350097_oThe response from our donors to the needs of the Haitian people hurt by Hurricane Matthew has been phenomenal. We are humbled by the response and will continue to be transparent with how those donated funds are being used to help those effected by this storm.

We have been able to completely meet three of our goals: make repairs to the minimal damage at our clinic and homes, prepare for a potential increase in malaria and cholera cases at the clinic and prepare better for future storms. The immediate community here in Jacmel has also been stabilized through the work of local pastors. We have been able to turn our focus, and the vast majority of the donated funds, to the areas hit hardest by the storm.14724133_10210950784790808_495639819_o

We are partnering with some of our missionary friends here in Jacmel to combine efforts to help a community called Savanette, just outside of Les Cayes. Savanatte is a farming community that was ravaged in the storm. Our group is coming together to help this community get put back together. Our partners were in Savanette all week clearing trees from roads and off of houses, putting temporary tarp roofs on houses and doing needs assessment. We have a plan moving forward to help this community!

In the coming weeks our group of Jacmel missionaries will be:

1. Purchasing 100 more tarps so that all of the homes in the community can have temporary cover.

2. Assisting local workers in putting a new roof on the communities only medical clinic.

3. Hiring local workers to continue to clear trees from houses and roads.

4. Working to assist families in rebuilding safer homes.14677938_10210950831551977_26930991_o

We estimate that we can purchase the remaining tarps and deliver them with current funds. We can also hire workers to clear trees for a while. We are currently working on a simple design for replacement homes that we can produced quickly, along with local labor. Most of the homes in the community are small and we believe that we can replace them with 8’x10′ homes with tin roofs for a very reasonable cost (approx. $500 U.S. per home). We will continue to work with local leaders to determine the process for helping to replace these homes, starting with those who had a complete loss. Our partner Gala Calisto (Kay Angel) assessed 30 homes last week; 17 were completely destroyed, 8 had major damage and 5 had moderate damage.

14646739_10210950800031189_1219780864_oWe will continue to update you as progress is made. Our group, under the leadership of Travis Knipple (F1 Engineering) made great headway last week clearing the trees from main roads and off of many houses, along with giving temporary tarp roofs to 30 homes. We are now working together to get the funding and supplies needed to continue to assist this community. Travis and a crew will head back out in a little over a week to continue the work and, hopefully, get temporary roofs on all of the homes.

Here at Freedom Global Outreach we will continue to help this group in a supportive role. We are helping to fund the project through our donations, to plan the effort with our partners and to pray for the people who are suffering. We are thankful that our clinic and homes were not severely damaged and are open and operating as normal. Travis will continue to lead the effort on the ground in Savanette while we continue supporting from here in Jacmel. We will use local labor as much as possible in this effort so that we are giving employment to the community and allowing them to be part of their own recovery. We do not plan, at this time, to send any teams or do any of the physical work in Savanette ourselves. There are men in the community who need work to support their families, especially with much of the farmland damaged, and we do not have a desire to take away their ability to earn an income. 14689182_10210950717549127_1837469794_o

Thank you all for your support of the Haitian people who are suffering as a result of Hurricane Matthew! We will update again in a few weeks and, at the end of our effort, publicly share a financial report of how all of the donated funds were used.

    – Matt and Julie 

You can continue to give at: http://fgo.webconnex.com/contribute