Freedom Global Outreach (U.S.)

Child Sponsorship

 12068795_10153771227609236_7804113185904466884_oWhat is the cost? Each child in one of our homes needs $90 each month to cover the cost of taking care of them. At Freedom Global Outreach we believe that it takes a village to raise a child. Therefore, we break this down into $30/month slots with each child needing 3 spots filled.


What does sponsorship cover? When all of the kids are at full sponsorship it covers school fees, school uniforms, school books, home staff, water, electricity/gas for the homes, all meals, medical care, 2 annual field trips and a monthly session with a licensed child psychologist.


What comes with sponsorship? We try our best to keep overhead at 0% so that as much of your monthly donation as possible goes to the child. Therefore, we don’t take money out of these funds to pay for special projects for sponsors, printing and mailing letters and pictures for sponsors, etc.

However, we have designed what we feel is a good program for keeping children and sponsors connected. Our on-field staff (Matt and Julie Reichard) try to remember to “tag” sponsors in pictures of their child that are placed on Facebook. Our Sponsorship Coordinators (Carrie Stern and Jennifer Kump) work very hard, with teams that are coming to serve, to do a couple projects with the kids each year. The teams, or private donors, cover the costs of these projects and the teams transport them back to the U.S. We also utilize teams to have children send letters to their sponsors a few times a year.


12095067_902083009827669_7396924949321430392_oWhat responsibilities are there on top of the monthly sponsorship amount? We ask that all child sponsors write and send pictures to their child 3-4 times a year, when instructed to do so, through one of our teams. There is also usually one time a year when we have a special needs for the homes that we ask sponsors to consider giving to, or consider promoting to their friends and family (it is not a requirement, however).


Christmas for the kids varies each year and we do ask sponsors to be a part of it. Some years we have a large list of needs for the homes and the kids that we post via Amazon sometime in early September and ask sponsors to choose from. Other times we allow sponsors to fill a gallon-sized bag with goodies for their child. Sometimes we do a little of both. Sponsors can expect to spend as little as $20 on Christmas or as much as they choose. We always have pictures/letters/cards as part of Christmas and most years the Sponsorship Coordinator’s plan an event for sponsors to work on cards together for the kids.

So what do I do if I am interested? You can reply to the Facebook post that led you here, or you can email, where our U.S Director, Emily McCann, will follow-up with you.


Together we can change the world!