Testimonies about God's work in Haiti


Fabiola was born in the slum of Cite Soliel in Port-au-Prince Haiti and tragically lost her mother when she was 3 years old. This little girl saw and experienced things that a child should never have to see. 

Fabiola came to the Bethesda home when she was 4 years old, at that time she was very angry. Madam Emma, the staff and the other children told Fabiola that they loved her and showed her the love and compassion of Jesus. Within 1 month Fabiola was a changed person and has had joy in her life.  Fabiola is now 16 years old and in grade 11.  Fabiola loves living in the FGO home and enjoys school and church.

Samantha, Sangelica, and Micheca

After the devastating earthquake that shook Haiti in January 2010, many children were left without their parents. Freedom Global Outreach was able to provide rescue to three sisters, Samantha, Sangelica, and Micheca who lost their parents that day. Their family operated a successful business in Port-au-Prince but after leaving for work the morning of the earthquake, the parents did not return. The sisters along with one brother were taken under the care of their aunt in a remote mountain village, but inadequate care resulted in these children being afflicted with malnutrition, severe rashes and skin diseases.

Pastor Martinez and his wife Emma –- who oversee the ministry of the Bethesda Girls Home –- were made aware of their poor living situations. By God’s grace the three sisters found rescue in the Bethesda Girls Home and their brother was brought into an associate boys home. When the three sisters arrived at their new home, the oldest sister Samantha said, “I feel like I have my life back”.


Rebecca’s parents died in the 2010 earthquake when she was only one year old. She was brought to the Freedom Global Outreach home in Jacmel Haiti six months later. The house parents in Jacmel soon observed serious health conditions in young girl that realized were a result of abuse incurred before she was brought to the care of Freedom Global Outreach.

Her condition was serious enough that it required significant medical attention. She quickly received three very delicate but successful operations. After receiving this medical care, the parents now see that Rebecca is healthy, happy, and thriving in her new life at the girls home in Jacmel.

Every dollar makes a difference

Alongside our donors and volunteers Freedom Global Outreach is committed to keeping operational costs low so your donations directly impact the children of this rescue ministry.